Saturday, June 20, 2009


Tata, For Now!

My bags are packed, except for things I'll need in the morning. Tickets in hand and I'm off!

I'll try to post some while I'm gone, but knowing the schedule, it probably won't be very often.

See you later!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm sitting on my bed with my cute, I mean, handy computer surrounded by books, and boxes. I started contemplating all the changes in my life right now.

Shannon's getting married (remind me to look at that ring again, Shan;-), I'm going away for a month, and my family's moving houses while I'm gone.

How's that for someone who does NOT like change.

You know, I'm kind of afraid that the Lord might be preparing me for something. I mean, this not liking change thing is not new. I've never liked change, but I grew up in a military family that moved every two years.

God certainly taught me about change then. And how He's always with me.

Then I thought (which was probably my first mistake) that we were finally settled in our nice house. Then Shannon got engaged. Wow! Talk about a big change!

But God's teaching me about change through that. He's the One I need to lean on.

On top of that, we're moving house....exactly what I'd come to think I was safe from (except for moving out when/if I get married).

Again, God's teaching me about how to deal with change through this. No matter how many changes are going on around me, He will never change.

I'm really getting concerned with how well I need to know this lesson about change......


Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting Organized: Lesson 7

So sorry for the delay. Life is crazy as I count down to Masterworks! Trying to finish school, get ready for next school, and pack takes up more time than I thought it would.

All right, the next task is to make cards for everything. The article talk a lot about color and system organization. I have decided….I don’t know actually. The color issue is what’s stumping me. I know I want to have dividers for Sun-Sat, 1-31, Jan-Dec. That just makes sense to me. But she presented so many neat ways of using color. Do you color code according to frequency? What about job type? Then there are all those wonderful colors to choose from! Ah, too many decisions.

Well, I’m not going to worrying about that now. I’ve decided to make my cards on the computer and print them out. That’s just easier for me. Plus it’ll give me some extra time to figure out the whole color thing.