Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig

New Zealand was amazing! After being home about a week and a half, I think I've been able to process and articulate what was so wonderful about it.

The People:
The people in New Zealand were so kind and friendly, and not just the ones at the church (who were absolutely lovely!). Everywhere you went there was a distinct lack of "I must push past you because I need to be somewhere" that you see in the US. Their mindset, what I saw of it, was very laid back and others focused. It was so heartwarming to be able to smile at people and not have them look at you like you were crazy. Also, I don't think I went into any shops or things like that where I felt that I was a nuisance, which was also very lovely.

The Place:
Well, I don't think words could ever really describe the beauty of New Zealand. I'll just show some more pictures instead.

The Food:
The food is actually quite close to England with a few additions. I grew up in England and really like the English food. And the additions the Kiwis add are scrumptious! If you are ever in New Zealand near Auckland, there is an amazing Fish and Chips shop in Ponsonby. It has a sign out front that advertises the best fish and chips in Auckland.....and they are RIGHT! Another, or couple of, benefits food wise to me is that all the chickens (and hence eggs) are free range and not fed hormones or anitbiotics. The same goes for their beef. They have lovely exotic vegetables (we had Kumara with dinner one night) that I can't wait to try! Also, I would love to be able to set up some gardens when we move: vegetable, herb, and flower.

I know I'm going to love living in New Zealand. Christchurch, where we'll be living, has many suburbs that are a short walking or bus distance to the city center. My ideal environment! The amazing people, truly awesome scenery, and wonderful atmosphere is truly a draw to move and stay!

Now, if only I can figure out how to move a certain part of Florida where my sister, brother-in-law, and soon niece or nephew lives to Christchurch, everything would be perfect! Seriously, I KNOW I will love living there when we move, but as I visit my church family and my sister and her family I can't imagine living halfway around the world from them.

But God is good. He gives a peace that passes understanding!



Friday, November 5, 2010

Lovely...Lovely, Lovely

Even though it was forcasted to rain, we made a trek to the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. Here's the results:

I think this is the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

This was not in the Botanical garden, but the dry riverbed from the family camp we went to last weekend.

If you're interested there are some more here .