Thursday, January 10, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress Day 5

I decided to pose today with my dad's bike. I work for a family close to us on Tuesdays and Thursday, however, I don't usually have a car to get there so I ride a bike. My bike is a mountain bike and is rather straining on the back, so Dad's letting me use his. The handlebars are higher so I don't have to bend over. Actually I can sit up quite straight.

Here is a full shot:

This might be what I look like after babysitting.....or Shannon could've just been taking a really long time to take the picture. :-)

And this last one came to be because Shannon had just gotten home from teaching 4 and 5 years olds the violin, and was in a state of complete exhaustion. Whatever the reason, she declared it her favorite picture!

And after that, I guess there's nothing more to say. :-)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress Day 4

Today is the forth day of the WIFD. The message board on the Sense and Sensibility website has a WIFD about every season. Each day of the week people post or describe their outfit for that day. This is used to inspired women to wear beautiful modest clothing as we accomplish everyday tasks.

Today was a busy day for us. Shannon had an allergy shot and violin lessons, I had tutoring. We had some other errands to run while we were in town.
Anyway, this was my outfit for today:
The skirt is a new one from Christopher and Banks. I love this store. I don't go there often, but everytime I have, I have found something that fits me and my budget. This skirt happened to be on the sale rack and I snapped it up quickly. The sweater my mom found for me at the thrift store. I love this colour and Mom knows it, so she always has her eyes out for that colour.

My hair has a definite mind of its own, but decided to cooperate with me today. (It must feel sorry for me because I'm sick. :-) Shannon took photos of it for me:

I'm not sure why my barrettes always end up crooked. Oh, well.

If you want to see all the other things ladies are wearing, come visit: for the WIFD Day 4 thread!


Monday, January 7, 2008

A Self-Confessed Bibliophile

I was wondering around on my sister's blog today and came across this post. She talks about being a bibliophile (book lover extreme).

I recommend a visit to the post to see you exhibit any of the classic syptoms. If you do...hurry to your nearest book shop for a (temporary) cure. :-)


BTW....I'm mostly a Bibliophilia Antiquaria myself, although I border on suffering from Bibliomania. ;-P