Friday, July 23, 2010

God's Blessings

What exactly do you say after you've disappeared off the planet for three months? Simple. God is GOOD!

In the ast three months I have been able to:
~Go to New York City
~Meet wonderful new friends
~Get better aquainted with old friends
~Witness the marriage of a best friend
~See Wicked on Broadway with front and (almost) center seats
~Experience my first dance tech week
~Experience my first dance recital
~See my parents off to New Zealand for three weeks
~Go to Indiana for a month for the Masterworks Festival
~Say "Goodbye" to my beloved Tiggles
~Be blessed in being part of such an amazing cast of The Miracle Worker
~Be blessed by that wonderful cast
~Be a part of the truly awesome things God did at Masterworks

Right after school let out, I flew to NYC to be a part of a friend's wedding. What a beautiful picture of God's covenant with us that was. The Lord was so glorified that day and I know all the days since in that new family created for Him.

While in NYC, a new good friend won tickets to see Wicked on Broadway. She was so kind to let me tag along with her. What an experience! We could literally have reached out and touched the conductor's head! (Not that I think he would have appreciated it much. :-) Every sequin was sparkling for us to see. Every curl was visible. Every facial expression was right there for us to see!

The week I came back was the week of my first ever dance tech week. The dance class I was in was involved in two of the three performances. So I attended a couple of dress/tech rehearsals. Then came my first ever dance recital. It was SO much fun! I think I've found a new interest (because, you know, the four or five.....or six I already had weren't enough. ;-)

Then came my fourth year at Masterworks. Every year I come back and say, "That was the best year, ever!" And it is always true! God brought together such an amazing cast from so many different places. He used us all in our own unique ways to create and amazing production of The Miracle Worker. He blessed us with a packed house all four performances......even the afternoon ones! If you've ever been involved with a production that has afternoon performances you know what a blessing that is.

Sadly, two weeks in, (on my birthday) I found out that Tiggles was very sick. My wonderful sister, Shannon, and her husband were hedgehog sitting for me. I was so glad they were there and willing to cuddle and be sweet to her. Two days later I was told that my baby had passed away. Again, God used that amazing cast to be there when my sister couldn't be and my parents were in New Zealand and only able to communicate through e-mail.

God did so many amazing things that month. He continued and continues to bless me.

"Blessed be God, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which hath blessed us, with all spiritual blessing in heavenly things in Christ."
~Ephesians 1:3~