Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How To Make A Knight

Supplies: 1 pillow case
1/2 yard of sequin fabric

Note: Measurements are for a small "knight". Make sure to measure your "knight" to get a proper fit.


1. Iron pillowcase
2. Fold in half lengthwise and mark center with pin.3. Open back up and measure down 2 inches on center. (2 in. makes the neck come all the way up. For more room, measure 4 in.)
4. Stop and take a break to look for the pins that grew legs and walked away. Finally give up and get your mother's old pincushion.

5. Once you've marked 2in down, measure 5 1/2 in. on both sides of center pin. This gives you an opening of 11 in. Adjust according to your knight's head. You now have the markings for the opening of the neck.

6. Cut out neck area.

7. Measure down 6 in. on each side.

8. Carefully slice the edge off, just enough to create an opening. Repeat on other side.

9. Invite your favorite hedgehog to join you...even if she is really grumpy.....

.......really, really grumpy

At this point try your armour on your knight. If everything works, continue.

10. Cut out two 13X20 rectangles from the sequined fabric

11. Sew sleeves into tubes.

12. Pin sleeves in armholes and sew.

13. Have knight try on his armour and hem sleeves to appropriate length.

Now let us make a hood.

14. Cut a 9X12 rectangle out of a paper bag and round 2 of the short edges.

15. Place on fabric and cut out 2.

16. Sew 2 halves together

17. Hem neck edge of hood 1/2 in.

18. Take time to de-sequin iron.

19. Put more sequins on when you iron the outside edge of the hood under 1in. Sew.

20. Iron neck edge of body over 1/2 in. and sew.

21. Re-de-sequin iron.

22. Pin hood to the back edge of the armour (you get to decide which is the back edge) right sides together. Sew.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Lovely Mr. and Mrs. Pablo D


Your loving sister,

(soap nuts :-) )