Sunday, May 2, 2010

At Last!

One of the things that is required (quite rightfully) of the teachers at the school where I teach is that we create lesson plans each week. Now, I would always make mine up, put it in the binder where I keep all of mine, put it on a music stand that doubles as my podium, and then struggle each day to make my way around the second music stand I have instead of a podium, almost knock it over and catch it just as I glanced at the lesson plan I was looking for. A lot work for something I look at multiple times a day.

So I thought, "I'm spending all this time creating lesson plans and I go through this twisted dance just to use them." I use an index card system to keep track of what needs to be done each day. Then, six weeks before the end of school mind you, I came up with the idea of putting my lesson plans on index cards.

It works brilliantly! Each day is on one card and I file them with all the other things I have to do during the day. My second music stand has a one area that is cleared. I had a binder clip that I stuck on the edge and slip the lesson plan for the day in there. Now it's right in front of me all day. And I love it.

Now if only I had thought of this at the beginning of the year.