Monday, August 31, 2009

We are still working to get the wireless connected at our house, but while we're waiting, I managed to upload a few pictures of the trip.

After waiting a while, and only being able to whisper, we got to watch one of the pandas in the San Diego Zoo while it played with some of the bamboo in the enclosure.

Near the entrance to the zoo, there were some pretty amazing flamingoes.

This the the Suprise, star of the movie "Master and Commander" (you only thought Russell Crowe was the star). I did get to see this one up close as Mom and I were watching Wicked while Shannon and Dad went to the Maritime Musuem, but Shannon took some great pictures!

One of her great shots of the rigging.
Well, hopefully I'll be able to share some more of them soon!

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  1. Hi Tiff! These photos are just lovely!!!
    Miss you ladies! and I wanted to let you know I have new blogs. I guess change is in the air more than we know. ;o)

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