Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where did it go?

Is it really almost 2010? When did that happen?

I very clearly remember teaching six little students and having to remind them to write 2009 on all their papers.

I also very clearly remember getting excited for Shannon as a propoasal was coming up.

I'm sure it was only a few days ago that I left for a month for MWF.

And yet the calendar is telling me that that was five months ago!

Now I have a whole new class that I have to teach to write a new year on their papers.

Shannon is, at this very moment, moving the boxes out of her room to move to the apartment on Tuesday. The big day is 13 days away!

And I'm anxiously waiting to find out what play has been selected for this year at MWF.

Yeah, I guess it has been a year. The Lord has been so good!

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  1. It seems you have had an amazing year, and I´m sure the next one will be even better :-) Something surprized me, though: you only have 6 pupils in your class? Wow, that´s small!!! My cousin has 12! Anyway, hope you have a nice beginning of the year, and that 2010 is as special as 2009 has been.