Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Unexpected Party

A friend from church and I made plans to go and see Shannon and have a tea party. Now that my sister doesn't live down the hall, almost every visit turns into a tea party. Well, we certainly had a fun one:
Oh, why is there an IV bag hanger, you say? Why is Shannon wearing a hospital bracelet, you say? Why does Shannon not have a baby bump, you say? Wait are you in a hospital, you say?

YES! I say! The location of the tea party had to be changed because this little one made an unexpected appearance:
But seeing as he is the most adorable little thing on this earth, we had to forgive him. Plus it was just fun to pack up china and tea bags and use a hospital tray to have a tea party. And if he hadn't made his appearance, I wouldn't have been able to do this:

And there certainly wouldn't have been any of this yet:

Yes, it was an unexpected party, but a fun one! And there were no dragons or dwarves involved in this Unexpected Party. :D

*A very happy aunt* Tiffany


  1. Congratulations on becoming an Aunt! Your nephew is adorable!

  2. Congratulations!!! This baby is very lucky to have such a loving aunt! :-)

  3. Congratulations on being an aunty, Tiffany! Your little nephew is so cute. I can guess that you are all delighted!


  4. That last picture is absolutely precious! I'm so glad you posted this, Tiffany!

    In Christ,
    Jane Ellen

  5. Hi Tiffany!
    I am certain that you don't remember me but we were friends with your family while living in London from 1992-1995! (Yep, that's been just a few years ago!) ... I received my yearly letter from the Coxes today and it prompted me to try & find you guys, I started by way of FaceBook and that's how I found your wonderful Blog! I loved looking at these pictures and seeing the newest addition to your family! Congratulations on being an Aunt! It's the greatest!! I tried to find a way to "Follow" your Blog but didn't see where I could do that. I will plan on checking back from time to time to keep up with you! Tell everyone "Hello"! from the Wrights!!
    much love,
    Tina :) ...