Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Conversations

My mom went back to America and was able to visit friends and family. She brought back pictures as evidence of the many conversations babies have. Here are a few examples:

"I know the secret button is here somewhere. Then I will reveal the secret stash."

"Wait! You told her!"

"I can't believe you surprised me like that. Who are you?!"

"Oh, Mumsy! It's you!"

"Okay, fine, you guys can have the spotlight now. But just wait...."

"I know how to steal the show!"

"Oh, you want a look, huh. Well, here's a look."

"Oh, you wanted the 'cool dude' look."

"Hey, that was pretty good."

"But I'm good-er."

We interrupt these conversations to let you know that we don't think you can start too early teaching your children that Pavlova is the best dessert (or that it was invented in New Zealand).

It's easy. After you've used a container of Pavlova Magic, take the empty container and put something hard in it. It closes securely, so there is no worry of the object coming out. Then you give it to your baby as often as possible. The Pavolva energy will be absorbed by the baby and they will grow up loving Pavlova. (You don't have to worry about telling them that Kiwis invented Pavlova....everyone knows that.)

"Tag Rags are the greatest! Thanks, Mumsy!"

"You're pretty funny too, Mumsy!"

"Yeah, we're pretty cool together!"

*blows raspberry*

"What? What was so funny?"

"You really thought it was that funny, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess it was!"

Hope you enjoyed the little visit into the world of baby conversations. They are pretty smart little cookies aren't they? ;)

By the way, here is a close up picture of the tag rag Mom made while she was with Shann and her family:


  1. What great pictures! Wow, I cannot believe how big the little lady from the first pictures is getting -- and blonde, too! Did not expect that :-)

    And I totally agree about Pavlova -- it's really a crying shame that they don't sell it stateside! (Although you can buy it on Amazon for $24 :-O)

    Thank you for a lovely start to my day!


  2. I did enjoy visiting the baby world, and I loved all the super cute photos, too! :)

  3. (This comment was edited for privacy, so I'm reposting it under my username :-)

    BeckyJ said...

    Oh, I loved this post! It made me smile! [Little Man] is such an adorable baby!! It looks like he and Mumsy had a great time together! Love you guys!