Sunday, February 24, 2008

Celtic Woman

After two months, we can finally end saying "Merry Chirstmas!"

One of my Christmas presents was a set of four tickets for our family to go see Celtic Woman in concert at our Civic Center. This past Saturday night we went. I love Celtic music and I love singing, so I guess it's only natural that I would be interested in something like this.

The music was amazing. The voices blended so beautifully. The solos were stunning. The violinist And the showmanship was breathtaking.

I don't know that there is any real way to describe the concert. It was stirring. The women's voices have this quality about them that they reach into your heart and make you want to laugh with them, or cry with them, or just hold your breath and wait for whatever was coming next.

These women are able to do so many different types of music. They had slow songs that were ballads and told a story that broke your heart. They had fast songs that made you want to stand up and dance (only you didn't because no one else around was:-). They had harmony with one voice flowing over or underneath the others like a gentle river. They had tight harmony so that it was hard to tell exactly how many voices were singing.

And then they had the violinist. Hmm, what to say here? She is amazing. I didn't know you could take flying leaps, high kicks, twirls, and dancing all while playing hard, for me anyway, music. Well, she did. Shannon and I thought she was like a Barbie doll, mischievious pixie, and cheerleader all rolled into one. I can gaurantee you that it makes for eye catching song!

How well were we able to see all of this? We were sitting at about the level of the stage in the back. They were incredible seats. My voice teacher recommended them and she was right. We did need to use binoculars, but we didn't get the neck strain, or possible burst ear drums we would have gotten if we sat any closer.

It was an amazing experience! I think it was my favorite Christmas present!

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