Saturday, March 15, 2008

Acceptance Speech

Thank you, Shannon for the wonderful honor of giving this humble blog an Excellence award. I would like to thank my parents, sister, personal trainer and all of you out there! Thank you!

All right, my silliness is over (for right now). I really do appreciate Shannon's award. She is such a wonderful sister to have.

Now getting this award gives me the right to give out ten more (although I will probably only use three;-). So, get ready for the awards ceremony.

And the first award goes to Shannon (A Maiden's Musings) : This is a truly felt gifting. I admire Shannon's talent in writing and thinking. She has such a wonderful way of putting her thoughts into words that you can understand. Oh, and she's a wonderful sister to have around. She is great at listening and giving advice.

And the second goes to Lindafay (Higher Up and Further In): I have so enjoyed reading about her life. I first began reading it for the posts about homeschooling and the Charlotte Mason method. I have ended up reading it for the lovely way she shows Christ in her everyday life. I would truly like to thank her for sharing her curriculum and showing me practically how Charlotte Masons works.

And the third goes to Lauren (With Humility, Thankfulness, and Rejoicing): I just plain love reading her blog. I was very privileged to meet her in October and she has such a sweet, kind spirit.

And there you have it. Look, and awards ceremony that lasted maybe 10 minutes and no immodest dresses, long videos, and extra talking. :-)

Have a blessed day!


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