Friday, August 1, 2008

Where in the World is Tiffany?

We are now located in Cody, Wyoming. We spent all day (unintentionally, there's a fire and it closed the road we were going to take out, causing us about 3-4 hours extra to get to the exit;-/) in Yellowstone, (I know, there are worse places to be stranded:-). I got a very nice, red sunburn while we watched Old Faithful. We were also able to see the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, the falls, and many other breathtaking scenes of God's creation. I will definitely be posting pictures.

We are heading to see my best friend and her new baby today! I'm so excited! And the drive isn't too long and we should be there in time to see them perform at a dinner.

It is time for departure. I'll try to check back in again before we get back.


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