Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm thinking about starting a new blog. This blog would be to review movies following the example Mr. Botkin has given at the SAICFF and the Christians at the Crossroads conference.

If you're not familiar with how his family watches a movie, I would suggest going to an event where Mr. Botkin goes through a movie with the audience. Since that isn't practical for most people, I'll explain it a little bit. As I watch a movie, I will stop the movie each time I see a problem and comment on it. This is not just bad words, immodest clothes, etc, but more about the attitudes, the worldview that the director is displaying, the characters of the people on the screen, etc. (hmmm, two "etc."s in one sentence. Shannon, is that allowed?). It's amazing how much to "see" that you had missed before.

So be looking for the announcement of the new blog!


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  1. Oh, yes, that is a very good idea! After that session I do not feel like watching movies anymore, especially for entertainment. I have seen a film since then (while babysitting) and saw things wrong with it every few seconds - many things that I wouldn't have noticed before or just let go thinking "it's just a movie." I really wanted to turn the television off! I look forward to visiting your new blog!

    It was simply delightful to get to meet you and Shannon - you two are so very sweet!

    May God richly bless you!
    Emily Rose

    P.S. I am glad that you enjoy our blogs, I really enjoy yours!