Monday, February 15, 2010

Hobbit Feet

18 days ago our landlords gave us 30 days to get out of our house. The Lord has been so good and allowed us to find a house to buy (which we were not expecting) within a week and a half. (I'm going to be totally redocorating my room, so I'll be posting plenty of pictures of the house later.) So we've been busily packing and going through stuff. I found something today that amused me greatly.......Hobbit Feet!

Shannon and I hosted a get-together/party when the last Lord of the Rings movie came out. Shann and I and some good friends decided to dress up. Because I was the shortest of the group, I was going as a hobbit. I had gotten the rest of my costume together, but couldn't figure out what to do for my feet. Then Shannon saw a pair of sandals at a garage sale that just had a mesh over the top. I bought them and we glued hair on them and voila, perfect hobbit feet!



  1. This made me laugh! What wonderful memories! :-)

    Your loving sister,

  2. that is very different! Hope to see pics of your new room! The Lord is so gracious and good to provide!