Friday, February 12, 2010

Interesting Choice

My dad has been out of town this week (but coming home tonight! Yay!) leaving Mom and I alone. Between busily packing and school, Mom and I have done some fun things this week. For instance, Monday night we put on our pajamas, made breakfast for dinner and watched 24-great fun! We've been random and quirky, but I think the most quirky thing I've done this week is my dinner for tonight. Mom made a pasta and shrimp meal for herself. I don't care for pasta, but I do like shrimp so I decided to have shrimp cocktail. But I didn't just want red cocktail, I really wanted a white sauce as well. So I just mixed some sour cream, lemon juice, sea salt, and garlic powder together. I poured both into a stem glass (much to my mom's confusion) and placed the shrimp around the edge. For crunch I put some chips around the bottom. To add some nutritional value, I'm drinking a fruit smoothie. :D

Bon apetit!



  1. looks kind of good.:)

  2. That's a special dinner! :-) Reminds me of some of the concoctions I used to come up with when I was a kid!

    Your "kid" sister,
    Shannon :-)