Monday, January 31, 2011


As a single lady who has desired to be only a "wife and mommy" since she was five, I have had to fight hard to not fall into the my-life-will-be-everything-I-want-it-to-be-when-I-get-married syndrome.

As I have gone through and am going through lessons on learning to trust, to be content, to look to my Saviour alone for what I need, particularly recently, I have watched my little sister get married and within a year have a beautiful baby who is thriving (and has learned to use his lungs!). I will admit to the sin of jealousy during this year. Not constant, but every once in a while I would long to be where I wanted to be and not where God wanted me to be.

Then I read this post. Granted, I already knew the happiness and struggles. But reading her post really made me realize that she is learning the same things as a married woman as I am as a single woman. Somehow, that encouraged me. It made me realize (although I already knew it) that the stuggles I deal with now aren't because I am single, but they are lessons that everyone needs to learn: man or woman, single or married, young or old.

I want to thank my dear sister for writing a post that led me to this beautiful realization.

I just had to add this because he's so precious!



  1. Dearest Tiffany,

    You have been such an example and encouragement to me over the years, and continue to be today! I know God has a wonderful plan for your life (and I hope it involves the desires of your heart!). Little Man is so blessed to have you as an aunt! :-)


    Your loving sister,

  2. Tiffany,

    what a beautiful post! I have also been struggling with jealousy this year: my best friend had her first baby boy a few weeks ago, and I´m still single. Whenever I see his little face, I can´t stop thinking: why haven´t I found the right man yet?

    But, as you say, we all face the same struggles: we will always be learning, regardless our situation in live.

    i´m, as Shannon, sure that God has a beautiful plan for your life.