Friday, April 22, 2011

The Real Deal

So, finally, I was able to travel around to some parts of the city to get some pictures. Again I think the pictures say more than I could, so here they are:

You can see the banister is stilling standing inside.

The building leaning to the right is the Grand Chancellor hotel.

I think you can see the crack in the tower in this picture.

This is the only part of the Cathedral you can see right now. The rest of the views are blocked off.

These are the dreaded stickers that could find their way onto a door near you:

Yellow sticker: meaning restricted use. This is the sticker our church bears at the moment. We are not allowed to meet in the building, either as small groups or the congregation as a whole.

Red Sticker: meaning danger, do not enter.

But lest you think there's no beauty in Christchurch:

Here we were in the midde of a broken downtown, and yet the beautiful hill were visible down the road.

The weather today was just perfect! The clouds were particularly amazing!

When we were here last year, we walked passed this building, I don't know how many times, but had somehow missed this saying. It reads, "Lo these are parts of HIS ways but how little a portion is hear of HIM."

The roses are still blooming.

The sun and the changing, falling leaves, with the clouds was truly breathtaking.

And for the first time in years, our family is experiencing a true Fall! True, we're used to celebrating Spring right now, but it's still wonderful to see the changing colors!

This bridge is call The Bridge of Rememberance. It so "happens" that the Grand Chancellor can be seen through the arch as you go past.

And there you have it. An up close and personal semi-tour of Christchurch.


BTW you can click on the pictures to make them bigger

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! They remind me to continue to pray for you and your family. Nahum 1:7 My love to you and your parents, Aunt Helen