Monday, May 9, 2011

A School With a View

I have been very blessed to have the most funnest job I can think of. I get to help out teachers in exactly the way I wish someone had been available to help me when I was teaching. I get to work with some AMAZING teachers. I get to see the New Zealand school system up close. I get to work with a little boy and see the visible results of my efforts.

And I get to see this every morning:

The school has two campuses that are separated by the road. I work on both campuses and sometimes, as I'm walking, I literally have to stop and catch my breath from the beauty of these hills. The sun plays on them, the clouds hug them, and the rain hides them. And each weather brings another view of beauty.

No wonder it's called Hillview Christian School.


  1. WOW. If I compare it with my "morning view" (traffic jams and a packed subway) I feel like crying. Enjoy your job, it sounds amazing!

  2. One of the reasons my parents live in that area and don't want to move :-)

  3. It is a beautiful country that we have enjoyed for nearly 30 years. Welcome to NZ.