Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

What an incredible year this year has been!

It started off with my second semester of being a third grade/ French teacher. God saw me through my first year teaching. He gave me wisdom for dealing with difficult issues that would come up. And just to prove He actually cares about what you care about He gave me a special blessing.

I love drama. After all I spent three year getting a degree in it, but I thought I was going to have to give drama up entirely because of my teaching schedule. But He allowed me to be the makeup director for the Trinitas School production of "Alice in Wonderland." It is true that I had no idea what I had let myself in for, but I learned face painting (which was the director's vision and which I had never done before) quickly and we ended up with a blessed production. pictures here

But the Lord wasn't finished allowing me to continue with drama. A week and a half after school was let out, I went to the Masterwork Festival as a theatre student. We did the play The Crucible and the Lord used that to bless me and others in the community as well.

Then, if that weren't enough in one year, we (Shannon was a costume intern at MWF and our parents came to pick us up at MWF) left for Philadelphia where we caught a plane to take us on a three week tour of England. We had live there 13 years ago and as a graduation gift for Shannon and I, we were able to go back. I won't bother telling you everywhere we went for the simple reason that Shannon has already put together and amazing traveblog here . But beware, there are over 400 pictures on the site. You have been warned! :-)

But yet again, the Lord wasn't finished blessing me. We came back to the states and I found out I didn't have a job. The Lord used that to give me what I've always wanted: to be at home. I have been able to develope more skills as a homemaker. I have been able to sew more of my clothes. I have been able to practice homeschooling with the family I babysit for. I have been able to practice a little more with tutoring. And I have been able to start a Public Speaking class and train the next generation to be articulate witnesses for Christ. All those blessing came directly from the Lord.

Now this year is closing and I look back at everything the Lord has allowed me and my family to do this year and I think, "Wow, Lord, I think this was the best year of my life!" And I can almost hear Him say, "You think so? Just wait till next year." :-)

Through my whole life He has shown me that He knows exactly what is best for me and when. Each year has been the best year, because God has accomplished His will in it. Even the years that have been hard, have also been the best because of His love, goodness, and mercy (sometimes severe love, severe goodness, and severe mercy, but love, goodness, and mercy just the same.)

I pray that this coming year will be one full of hopes and dreams and growing in grace.


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