Sunday, December 23, 2007

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

My dad took the family to go see National Treasure: Book of Secrets on Saturday. We were so excited! Shannon and I especially enjoyed the first movie. (That is not to say that we condone stealing the Declaration of Independence by anyone for any reason, nor do we condone using illegal means to get people out of FBI custody, nor do we condone low necklines, nor do we condone kissing before marriage....get the point?:-)

We made sure we were at the move in plenty of time. In fact we were so early, we were the first ones in the theatre. We chose our seats. (The best seats for stadium seating is about about five or six rows up in the centre.;-) Then we sat back to watch the movie.

First we had to get through the trailers. That's never fun. Although we saw a couple that were interesting to us. First the new Pixar trailer was one. Hmmm, from the trailer, I couldn't figure out what that was about. But then was the trailer I was hoping they were going to show: Prince Caspian. I'd seen on my computer screen, but the big screen was even better. Yes, I know they've changed some major points, but I have chosen to view books and any movies based on books as two totally different identities. Anyhoo....back to National Treasure.

I'm sorry to say that they whole movie was a disappointment. The biggest of all being that Abigail and Ben had been living together while not married and are now breaking up. The story line was weak. Overall, it just felt like a sequal. There was a lot of action, a lot of puzzle solving, but it wasn't as intriguing as the last one. They relied so heavily on the character developement from the last movie, that it was completely gone from this one. Instead of redefining each character, they just assumed you knew all about them and moved on. It is my personal opinion that you must have character developement, even if the movie is a sequal.

Oh, and Ben still hasn't stopped breaking the law. He purposefully starts a fight with Abigail at Buckingham Palace so he can sneak into the Queen's study to look at her desk. (I know it sound like there's no correlation, but there is.) He also kidnaps the president. Yes, Ben Gates kidnaps the President of the United States of America, and yet again, he is allowed to get away with it.

At the very end, they lead you to believe that there will be another sequal. There is a page in the President's secret book, (The Book of Secrets), that the President wants Ben to investigate.

I don't know that I will go to see the next one. Or at the very least, I will read many reviews from people I trust before I go.

That said, I'm very grateful to my father for giving up a weekend of fishing and football to take us to the movies!

Thanks, Dad!


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