Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Summer" WIFD Day 1

Yes, it is the "Summer" Week in Feminine Dress over at the Sense and Sensibility Forums. However, living down under, we had snow for the first day of the week!

Just a brief description of what I'm wearing:
From in to out: Petticoat
Brown skirt
Bluish/Green cashmere sweater
Red scarf
Green cape

I went with a red and green theme today in honor of the fact that it is the seventh month anniversary of Christmas today. (We are a day ahead here down under.) We just heard reports that parts of the city has 30 cm (almost 1 foot) of snow. Outside our door is about

5 inches!

It was amazing to look up at the sky and see the snowflakes drifting down. Trying to catch them was a bit tricky, but I managed to get a few.

Our backyard currently looks like this.

But the snow is still coming down like this. I can't wait to see the final results.......from the warmth of our house.

And sipping this Pumpkin Soup Mom is making. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!


And, no, I haven't forgotten about the location pictures. Soon, I assure you, soon.


  1. Wow, looking at your pictures is a shock to my system as I sit here with our AC running! Lovely cape and outfit... you look very Narnian! :) And pumpkin soup sounds delicious.

    Do you mind if I link to your WIFD posts on my blog? I'd like to do a "round-up" of other bloggers who are participating.

  2. Welcome to Christchurch :D You should feel special to be getting snow so soon - we only get it every few years, and this is the biggest one since I was a year old! Looks like you got some nice pictures. I was out at 11.30 last night taking pics in the dark when it was snowing really hard :P Enjoy your pumpkin soup...that's what we're making too! Hope you're having a good, uh, summer!

  3. Annelise- I was very shocked to see the snow since everyone has been telling us what a mild winter this has been. :)

    Laura- one of the first thoughts when I saw the snow had lasted through the night was how much fun it was going to be to post the pictures in the Summer WIFD. :) Please feel free to include me in the round up. :)