Monday, July 25, 2011

"Summer" WIFD Day 2

Yay! There is still some snow left on the ground today. However the sun is out and warming things up lovely. That means I could go outside without coat or cape to get pictures for today.

Today I'm wearing:

Shirt: Long sleeve tee
Sweater: Knit crossover sweater gotten at an op shop here
Skirt: Chico's Traveler's Skirt (By the way, this is the best purchase clothing-wise I've ever made! The skirt is flexible enough that I can put a t-shirt or a formal top with it and it looks perfect! It never wrinkles. The flow is amazing. I really like this skirt, in case you couldn't tell. ;) )
Shoes: My "Galinda" shoes

I made my first snowball (although dad rightly pointed out that it's technically an iceball :) ) in years and had fun tossing it around.

It turns out that 10 years in Florida did not prepare me, closet-wise, for a real winter. Hopefully I'll be able to put together enough warm winter things for the rest of the week. :)


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