Monday, December 26, 2011


There are a lot of firsts going on right now.

I just finished packing for our first family camp with the whole denomination. We are flying to the north island and I can't wait to get on a plane again. I love flying. Probably has something to do with living on Guam for two years when I was really young. The only way to travel there is to fly. For whatever reason, I love to fly and am really looking forward to this trip!

I also sent a script into my first competition. It was a minisode (7-10 pages) of a current TV show. It was a lot of fun writing characters I already knew and putting them in my own scenario. If you're interested I wrote for the show NCIS:LA and the logline was: "Christmas always brings surprises, but no one was expecting this."

In a few weeks I am also taking my first trip to Australia! That is exciting because I have always wanted to go to Australia as we have good friends there. Now I am getting to go and meet those friends!

Also in a few weeks I am going to reveal another exciting first! A truly life changing first that has focused me more on God and eagerly awaiting what He has for this next chapter of my life.

What are some firsts that you are experiencing right now?


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