Friday, October 19, 2007

Did I Say Something Wrong?

Last year I taught 3rd grade and 1st year French at the same school my father teaches at. This year, the school lost a lot of students due to moves so they had to combine classes and were not able hire me back.

That brings me to today. I am blessed to be able to stay at home this year along with my younger (but taller:-) sister. However, when I tell other people this, I feel like I’ve said something wrong. Their first response to my telling them, "I’m staying at home this year and Shannon and I are taking care of the house and meals for my mom," is usually something like—"Oh" (as in "Why would you want to do that?") or "Wow, I want you to come stay with me." I think they might be hearing me say "I’m staying at home and slaving all day long just so my mom can work" or some other nonsense of the sort.

I wish people could understand that I love fulfilling this God-given role as a woman at home. In fact, I’m getting to do what I’ve always wanted. From the time I was 5 I have told people that I want to be a wife and a mother. Now I’m getting the best opportunity to prepare for it. I love being at home. I love making the home a place where mom and dad can come home and relax and not have things hanging over them. I love doing/learning these skills now, because I want to be able to do the same thing for my husband one day.

By no means am I laying around all day, reading and eating bon-bons. I do have other responsibilities besides homemaking through the week. I nanny/homeschool two mornings a week. I tutor two days a week, I’ve started a public speaking class for students in the area, and am putting together a Public Speaking Seminar for the school I taught at last year. My days are far from idle, but I love every opportunity I have to serve others for Him.

I sometime feel discouraged because of all the negative responses I get to the fact that I am an "at home daughter." However, the Lord has given me parents and sister who encourages me in my journey to become more like Him in every area of my life.



  1. I hear you!!!! I'm only fifteen, but when people say, what are you going to do after you graduate? I say, I'm going to stay at home and help my mom with the house,and oneday be a wife, mother and a keeper at home, I get the "ah." Be assured you are not alone, though sometimes it feels like it!

  2. Do you mind if I put you on my blogroll?

  3. So sorry that I have taken this long to get back to you. We were gone and then life has just not taken a break since then. :-P

    Please feel free to add me to your blogroll.