Thursday, July 17, 2008


Thank you, Clare, for tagging me! I had so much fun with this meme, but I think I come across as a little psychotic. Don't worry though, I think I'll be okay. You, on the other hand, might want to watch out! ;-)

I am: a child of God, chosen by grace.
I think: therefore I am. Just kidding. I think in quotes. One of my students last year asked me if I had a song and quote for everything. I think I told him, "YES!" :-)
I know: that my Redeemer lives. There I go again. Why waste time trying to say something better than someone else has said before.
I have: more than I deserve!
I wish: that I had more time to prepare for the trip.
I hate: it when people use my Lord's name in vain.
I miss: the Chanceys.
I fear: the Lord. I feel like I have to qualify that statement. I use the term "fear" in the old English sense. Hence, my interpretation of that statement would be "I greatly reverence the Lord."
I feel: excited about the trip!
I hear: the fan going outside the room and Shannon's sewing machine as she tries to make a camera purse.
I smell: homemade bread. Hmmmmm!
I crave: becoming closer to my Lord.
I search: for truth and wisdom.
I wonder: at the miracle of creation.
I regret: nothing. I have made mistakes, yes, but I also know that the Lord is sovereign and He has used all those bad decisions I've made to bring me closer to Him.
I love: my Lord and family!
I ache: when the weather changes. I have a back injury that always lets me know when it's going to rain.
I am not: ready for the trip.
I believe: that through Christ all things are possible.
I dance: whenever I get the chance. By dancing, I mean, Scottish Country or Swing, if I'm dancing with my sister.
I sing: every week at lessons and with the choir on Sundays, and any chance I get in between. :-)
I cry: every time I watch I Am David. What an amazing story!
I don't always: exhibit Christ-like attributes.
I fight: for what is right. I have my opinions (on many things) but I don't usually openly engage in a fight about them, until someone says something against what I know to be true. Then I quietly try to tell them what I believe and why.
I write: screenplays mostly. I have a play written, but I have to produce it before I can send it to editors. It's not as easy to produce a play as it would seem.....
I win: nothing. Ask anyone in my family. I don't often win, but I still like to play games!
I lose: everything, just by logic from the previous question.
I never: willingly touch spiders.
I always: stay away from spiders if I can help it. Truly, I can't think of something that I "always" do. I usually deviate at least once in a while.
I confuse: almost everybody, especially when I try to explain myself (refer back to "I know") or try to give directions. Trust me, with directions, asking anyone else is always safer than asking me.
I listen: to people. I've found that I often hear what's going on in people lives, just because I listen to them.
I can usually be found: at home. This coming year, I'll be teaching K4 at the school I taught at last year, so I'm cherishing every minute I get to spend at home.
I am scared: that I will lose a member of my family. That is the only thing I can think of. I know they would be with the Lord, but I don't know what I would do without any of them.
I need: help!
I am happy about: our trip!
I imagine: little children running around my perfectly clean house in hand sewn outfits as I put the bread into the oven, take off my perfect little "baking" apron, revealing a perfectly coordinating 40s outfit that matches my pearls perfectly and my beautifully applied makeup and then going to sit with them and read until their father comes home, exactly on time, so the dinner is never burnt. Ahhhh! Well, at least let me have my dreams until reality smashes them! :-)
I am wearing: A Ralph Lauren skirt and knit top
I look forward to: the answer to "I imagine" with the reality put back in. ;-)

I tag Emma and Lauren Christine and anyone else who wants to join in! It really is a lot of fun to do!


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  1. Oh how funny!! I had just finished doing this after seeing it on Shannon's blog and found myself tagged!:) Thanks ever sooo!:)