Sunday, July 6, 2008


October last year I made a dress to wear to the Award Ceremony at the SAICFF. However at the last minute I changed my mind and wore a formal dress. But I wore the new outfit the next day. However I never got the opportunity to get pictures.

For my birthday this year, we stayed overnight at a friend's house on the beach. The dress was a seagreen colour so I wanted to get pictures on the beach. My sister was a darling and took them for me (as she usually does).

The shell and skirt are made out of linen look-alike.

The over-shirt is a stiff sheer. I'm not exactly sure what the fabric is, but it scratches if it isn't bound off. :-)

I was not being stuck-up in this picture, Shannon took this picture right before a sneeze.



  1. Your dress is gorgeous! And the beach--! Mmm, I wish I was there. :)

  2. Oh, Tiffany, you look simply drop-dead gorgeous! How romantic those pictures are... they make me think of L.M. Montgomery books.


  3. Oh you look so lovely!! It's a perfect color!!

    I so wish I could stand there on the beach with you.;)


  4. Clare, I agree with you -- I'm quite proud of my lovely sister :)

    Yours in Christ,