Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's Pretend.....'s Thanksgiving Day. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but by the time the guests left, I was exhausted. I went to bed before I posted.

So here are my 5 things for Thursday:

~Going to England: We (Shannon, Mom, and I) are going on a costume tour of London with a few days in Bath for the Jane Austen Festival. I am so excited!

~Tutoring Tobi: I did not agree to this trip without some financial agonizing. I would be able to afford it, but was it a wise thing to do. My parents counseled me to go, that it would be a wonderful thing to do with Mom and Shannon. So I made the decision and decided to go. Then a couple of weeks ago, the headmistress at school talked to me about tutoring one of the students during the regular Latin hour. It is after I usually am done teaching so I will be payed as a tutor and not a teacher. On top of that, this young man was in my 3rd grade class two years ago, so I already know him and his learning type (he's mildly austistic). With this, I will earn enough to cover the main tour! I am so thankful for this provision.

~Enough to eat. We over prepared for Thanksgiving. We have tons of food left over...and that's after sending enough home with our friends for them to get another meal (there are 8 of them) out of. So many people are going hungry today that it makes me grateful to be able to eat.

~The Pilgrims. This is the day we celebrate the feast that the Pilgrims had with the Indians. As grateful as I am for that, I am so much more grateful for their courage to leave their country and their jobs in order to secure a place of religious freedom.

~Our country. I have been reading "The Light and the Glory" and have been struck on almost each page how God has directed our country and given us this wonderful land where we are free to worship Him.

Happy Thanksgiving! (even if it is a little late :-)


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