Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting Organized: Lesson 3

All right, the next task doesn’t look so bad. Write down 5 (no more than five) frustrations on a three by five card. Since you can't see my card, I'll write them down here.

1. I can’t seem to stay organized. I’ll get everything just the way I want it and then one little thing gets left undone and all the work I’ve done goes out the window.
2. I can’t seem to get a good way of keeping track of my points during the day. *pauses to go add lunch points into the online tracker*
3. My finances are not where I’d like them to be, ie. Budgeted and clear.
4. My writing seems to take a side road because I always feel like there’s something else that has to be done first.
5. Not getting to sew as much as I like. I’m going to cheat and put a couple of reasons down here: because when I walk into my area of the sewing room, I feel overwhelmed before I even begin things and I never get organized enough to know exactly what I need and when.

That wasn’t too painful, but I like the next one better. Write down 5 things you hope you will accomplish by becoming organized. Mostly these will just be the opposite of what I have above, but something may surprise me.

1. Keep everything exactly the way I have worked so hard to get it.
2. Be able to lose weight
3. Have a budget and know what it is ;-)
4. Be able to write and polish my ideas into screenplays that might actually look interesting to a filmmaker.
5. Being able to finish all the sewing I need/want to do.

Not too bad. Maybe this won't be too hard after all.


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  1. 5 frustrations:
    1) not enough space to store books
    2) not much space, period (about 80-90 square feet plus rather standard closet)
    3) my white bedspread doesn't work so well now that I have a dog who loves to sleep on it
    4) I leave things here and there in the morning while getting ready for work
    5) I have to sit on my bed or floor to work in my room

    5 things to accomplish
    1) better stewardship of my time, and therefore my life
    2) more clarity of what I need to do, when I should do it, and how to do it
    3) an increase in knowledge & skills necessary in being a daughter, future homemaker, wife, and mother, neighbor, etc.
    4) better maintenance of objects I own (no longer neglecting so much for 'urgent' matters)
    5) less forgotten tasks