Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay, It's Time.....Really This Time

I can't even count all the times I've tried to get organized and stay that way. Now, I'm not a "dirty" person, just an unorganized one. I know this is an area to work on, so here I go!

I'm very interested in "The Sidetracked Sisters' Cardfile" system. But the book isn't in our local library and I'm just not ready to purchase it.

Fortunately I found a site that explains how one lady uses the system. She even has a nice 21 day plan to put it into use. So I began that journey yesterday.

I thought I'd post my progress here. It's going to take me some time, I know. I'm determined not to read everything and just do what I feel like. (That's the method I've tried before and it didn't work....any of the times.)

But I'll post a link to her lesson, a summary of what she says to do and then what I did.

So here's the first lesson.

*Stand in the center of the room and list EVERYTHING that needs to be done in that room.*

Right, I'm at school, so I'll start with my classroom. Then I'll mentally go home and go through my room.

1. Trash needs to be emptied
2. Baseboard needs to be wiped
3. Math Center needs to be tidied
4. Surfaces dusted
5. Books put away
6. Encyclopedia put away*
7. Move cubbies in here *
8. Organize projector cart
9. Vacuum
10. Clean desks
11. Wipe out pencil baskets
12. Wipe door handles
13. Clean white board
14. Clear off desk
15. File papers
16. Reorganize once a week
17. Magistra

1. Make bed
2. Dust
3. Vacuum
4. Pick up clothes
5. Reorganize once a week
6. Clean fan blades

1. Make bed
2. Shower
3. Brush teeth
4. Wash face
5. Oil bath
6. Moisturize
7. Laundry (if needed)
8. Exercise
9. Track points

Because I’m also beginning to think ahead to next year, I’m adding a list of things I need to do before then.
1. Get boxes for the letters of the alphabet
2. Organize Math
3. Organize Letters
4. Organize Letter activities
5. Finish supply list

Now that wasn't too bad. I think I'll go right on to the next "lesson."


P.S. If you want to join me, I'd love to do this with someone!


  1. I'll give it a go! Please don't be surprised if I don't last long. Between work, Greek, and church I spend about 59 hours a week either out of town, or on my way to or from; thus I'm not sure I have time to keep up with a plan I've hardly looked into along with my other duties. But I'll at least get started and try and catch up this weekend :)

  2. It'll be fun having someone else working on this. I totally understand the time value. It seems like time quickly goes away and you have no idea where it went.


  3. Well, I can paste after all. Nevermind my comment about opening a blog, then.

    Day 1 [written this past weekend]
    1) General Cleaning: tidy, sweep, dust, flip mattress, change sheets, water orchid, clean glass
    2) finish weeding books, adding new additions, and dusting & re-organizing books
    3) go through drawer w/ loose items for my household notebooks
    4) weed through old papers and books in top of closet
    5) find a new location for clothes basket
    6) wash decorative pillow slip after figuring out how
    7) move clothes to different closet
    8) put shopping bag back in car
    9) put glass back in kitchen
    10) go through old floppy disks, decide what to keep, save files in a different manner, and discard floppies
    11) re-tape landscape scenes on door back
    12) buy & install shelves in closet bottom
    13) handwash purse (remove button first?)
    14) get dog trimmed (scheduled for this coming Tuesday)
    15) frame pictures above bookshelves
    16) fix bill of knit hat (get advice from Grandma first)
    17) get veneer on dresser fixed (someday!)
    18) sew leg of dog toy
    19) wash & iron curtains
    20) eventually buy a few photos albums