Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Did you know....?

Did you know that right here in my own town we have our own pirate ship? It was discovered this morning at 9:33 on the grounds of Trinitas Christian School. The discovery was made by six young adventurers.

The ship consists of a main mast and the main body. The bright blue, red, and yellow paint was very well preserved.

It was discovered that these pirates were very advanced for their time. Off the mast evidence was found of three slides.

Near the sight was found a sandy patch. This patch is believed to have been used to make treasure maps, as evidences of "x" (although very wobbly ones-we haven't learned that letter yet) were found at the spot.

These young adventurers also learned that these pirates were fond of rescuing captured ladies. These adventurers plan on discovering all they can about these pirates over the next few days by reenacting all they can learn about them.

Be assured that we will bring you the latest breaking news on this discovery.


It's amazing what you can learn on the playground. :-)


  1. Ship Shape!
    This is rrrright up me's alley!
    arrrggg. ;o)

    *sorry, couldn't resist! check out my new shop banner, , you'll see why! tee hee! *

  2. Ahoy there, matey! I've seen that playground, and it takes quite a bit of imagination to turn it into a pirate ship -- but not too much for 4-year-olds!

    Your sister,