Saturday, October 25, 2008

WIFD Saturday-Last day :(

Today was an around the house type day. My list for the day was quite long:

~go to the local thrift store

~work on ball gown

~take pictures of and post two scarves to Etsy

~take pictures and post for WIFD

~rewrite a Bible test for Monday

So far, I've done pretty well. The thrift store stop was great today I got:

A turquoise shirt/sweater (my wardrobe is considerably lacking in the sweater department)

A new set of earrings (because I can always use those)

A set of four art deco style demitasse cups and saucers

And a couple of necklaces and a pin

The necklace on the right opens to reveal a perfume holder

So that was one thing crossed off my list for today.

Then Shannon and I worked on my ball gown and got it to a very satisfactory point.

I have posted the scarves and am now posting my picture for WIFD. This is my most comfortable Fall outfit. It's completely from Christopher and Banks. I love the color and the warmness of it. I actually have to watch myself because I could wear it everyday if I'm not careful. :-)

The scarf is now in my shop.

Now, I need to get off the internet so I can rewrite the Bible test, and I will have officially accomplished everything. Whew!



  1. You scored some fantastic finds!
    I too, am lacking in the sweater department! Love the Deco Set!

    Where is a suitable thrift store around here? I am a thrift and vintage hound, and I have no idea where any are, which in turn makes me homesick for all the stores I left behind back in the HomeState.

    We need to get together and go thrifting! ;oD

  2. My favorite thrift store here is Interfaith. It's in Gulf Breeze past WalMart. Sometimes it has good stuff (like this week) and sometimes not so good. But I still like to go because I've found some wonderful treasures there.

    In Pensacola I usually go to Good Will by PCC. I've found some neat things there too, like my cappucino maker.

    We should definitely get together and go some time. :-)


  3. Great finds, Tiffany! You'd better keep an eye on that set of demitasse cups, just in case they disappear... *ahem* ;-)

    Your loving sister,