Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, I've done it. I finished a screenplay treatment and sent it to the SAICFF. That was two day ago. I didn't know two days could feel so long. And I still haven't (and won't for a while) heard anything.

I wrote the screenplay based on a story my grandmother told me (several times) while she was alive. I had an American Girl doll, Molly. One time when I was at their house, my grandmother saw Molly's Christmas Dress. She said it reminded of a little girl she once made a dress for.

Now my grandmother was a seamstress and made probably hundreds of dresses, so the fact that she remembered one particular one was amazing. Then she finished the story. When she had first seen the little girl she thought she was about 6. Later she found out she was 10, but had leukemia and was dying. They came to grandma after seeing her at the doctor's and asked her to make a Christmas dress for the little girl. Grandma did and it was the last Christmas the little girl ever had.

I was absolutely taken with this story when she first told it. It was such a touching story. Fast forward about ten or more years, and it's now in the hands of the SAICFF committee (btw did you know you can submit electronically now? I was prepared to go through the hassle of mailing a disk when I discovered it. Yeah for technology!). And I'm here waiting.

At least I have my classroom to keep me busy! :-)


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